Terms and Conditions 2020

  • Safety


A1) Captain Nash Pirate Adventures is covered with public liability insurance. All of our entertainers are freelancers and have public liability insurance and an up to date DBS check. Every member of our team undergoes a rigorous recruitment and training process before becoming a member of the company. All electrical equipment used is either brand new or PAT tested for safety.


A2) Please note, for safety reasons, at least one other adult, in addition to Captain Nash, must be present the whole time the entertainment is running. This does not mean they have to be helping with the party, but they must be present should they be needed in the event of an accident arising. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this happens.


A3) We retain the right not to conduct certain activities if we feel the children are not responding appropriately, or are too riotous and therefore we deem it unsuitable to conduct certain activities at the party.


B) Cancellation Policy


B1) Once a £25.00 deposit is made, it is non-refundable if our services are cancelled be for the party.


B2) If you wish to cancel an party/event, notice must be given in writing or by email minimum of one week before the date of the party /event to avoid a £50 surcharge and you must have received an email acknowledgement back. Please note we cannot accept messages left on voice mail as notification.


B3) If for any reason a party/ event has to be cancelled on the day of the party/event, there is a surcharge of £50.


B4) Notice must be given before Captain Nash has commenced travel to the party /event destination. If for any reason the client has to cancel and don’t give notice before the Captain Nash has commenced travel, client are required to cover the Captain’s travel costs and a £50 surcharge in full.


B5) If for any reason the party /event has to be cancelled to extreme weather conditions the deposit un-refundable but the £50 surcharge fee would not apply. We can reschedule the party /event at a later date as long as the new date is within three weeks of the cancellation date.


C)Booking our Services


C1) Please note that a party /event is not booked and confirmed until a Deposit has been paid to Captain Nash Pirate Adventures or the full amount has been paid and cleared. You will receive a confirmation from us, acknowledging payment and confirming the booking.


C2) To confirm a booking with Captain Nash Pirate Adventures we require a £25.00 Deposit. This Deposit is non-refundable if our services are cancelled.



C3) Please note for bank transfer payments, we require an email from you to notify us that the payment has been made and for the deposit or full payment to have cleared into our bank account. You will receive a confirmation from us, acknowledging payment and confirming the booking.


C4) Please note that until a deposit has been made and confirmation email form us acknowledging the booking, our services are NOT booked.

D) Team of Captain Nash

D1) Please note that we cannot offer to guarantee providing any one specific entertainer. This includes but is not limited to being unable to provide an entertainer’s based on their gender, age, ethnicity, or religion.


D2) We reserve the right to refuse a booking or to cancel an existing booking for any reason. This includes but is not limited to if a customer is abusive or threatening in some way, or we feel a booking might put Captain Nash in a dangerous, inappropriate or uncomfortable position.


E) Payment




E1) Unless you have already paid the balance in full by cash, cheque or Bank transfer. The remaining balance for the entertainment must be paid in cash or cheque on the day of the party /event to Captain Nash.


E2) The remaining balance for a booking is payable to the entertainer on the day in cash immediately after the event/party /event entertainment is completed. Please note Captain Nash will not accept discount vouchers, card payments or any other form of payment excerpt stated above.


E3) Payment is requested straight after the entertainment is completed. We regret that Captain Nash cannot be asked to wait for payment as he may have to leave straight away to get to another booking.

If Captain Nash is made to wait for payment longer than 15 minutes after they were booked to finish, an additional fee of £10 is applicable and must be paid to Captain Nash on the day of the party. Additional fees of £15 will be applied, for every day extra that Captain Nash has to wait for payment after the agreed payment date. Captain Nash cannot wait longer than 30 minutes for payment.


E4) If Captain Nash has not received any payment within the 7 days after the party /event a payment letter will be sent out with a final payment date on it and a fee of £50 added on top of any money owed. Failure to pay by the date on the payment letter may result in legal action and may be turned over to a collection agency.


F) Liability


F1) Please note Captain Nash Pirate Adventures does not take responsibility for children causing damage to a venue or any property that the party /event is held in. This includes, but is not limited to a home, hired venue or public area.


F2) Please note that all of our party /event packages are appropriate to the age of the children outlined on our Facebook page. You should be aware that the activities will not be appropriate for children outside the specified age range. If you have younger children attending the party /event we would ask that you please ensure that either the parent or an adult supervisor is there to look after them and prevent them from disrupting the show.


F3) By booking a party /event with Captain Nash Pirate Adventures you understand that you release us from any liability associated with accidents of any kind. This includes but is not limited to accidents occurring to any adults or children. You also release Captain Nash Pirate Adventures from any liability associated with accidents or damage caused to furniture, fixtures or fitting or property of any kind not belonging to that of Captain Nash Pirate Adventures.


F4) In the unlikely event that refunds or compensation is requested, you accept that any refunds or compensation given, will be limited to the total value of the cost of hiring our services.



F5) If parties are held anywhere other than your home, we will assume that you have either hired the hall or had permission to use the space, and have deemed the space suitable and safe to use for the types of activities being provided by Captain Nash Pirate Adventures.


F6) Please note that, although it is extremely unlikely to happen, we reserve the right to cancel a party /event at any time, either before or during the party. This may include, but is not limited to, cancelling a party /event if we deem the venue to be unsuitable or if we feel that there are circumstances present of any kind that would be unsuitable to run & party.


F7) All parties are exclusive to Captain Nash Pirate Adventures and all material is copyrighted and the property of Captain Nash Pirate Adventures



G) What we need to conduct the entertainment:



G1) During the party /event the customer must ensure at least 1 adult is present in the same room for the entire duration of the entertainment. This is in case accidents should occur or children need to go to the toilet. We regret, for safety reasons, we cannot conduct the entertainment unless at least one adult is present in the room the entire time.


G2) During the party /event we ask that NO food or drink is provided during the entertainment that might distract children from the entertainment whilst it is happening. E.g. buffet food out on a table for children to access.


H) Meetings.

For a face to face meeting with Captain Nash the first meeting is Free, but any further meetings there will be a small fee or £15 which will be added on to the invoice.


Captain Nash Pirate Adventures

Terms and conditions 2020.