Pirate Parties

Pirate Parties are so exciting for kids as we will take your children and their friends on an amazing adventure with pirate training, pirate games, mystical pirate magic and lots of fun!

Pirate Parties are best for children aged three and older and inside a sports / village / church hall with lots of room to run around, but we also are able to provide parties within your own homes and gardens.


A treasure hunt  is added when there is party bags,

Added extra of pirate party bags £2.50 per bag.

Bronze package

30 minutes,

Meet and greet, Pirate school, Pirate magic, Photos

Silver package.

60 minutes, 

Meet and greet, Pirate school, Pirate Magic, Pirate Games, Photos.

Gold package 

90 minutes

Meet and greet Pirate school, Pirate Magic, Pirate Games

Story Time, Photos.


Festival entertainment  for families and children of all ages!

Captain Nash has performed Pirate stage shows and interactive walkaroung shows 


Glastonbury Festival 2019.

Dick & Doms The Great Wonderfest 2019 

Festival of heros, Isle of Wight. 2019 

Brixham Pirate festival 2016 to 2019

Shipwreck Isle pirate festival 2016 to 2019 

Cowes week 2019

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